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Fenix Social Media was birthed in Miami, Florida in 2008, by Meghan McKeignen and moved to Nashville in 2010. With a foundation focused on the immense power of social media and digital marketing, the work done by us at Fenix has reached hundreds of millions of our clients’ audience-members with compelling storytelling and unique marketing strategies. Fenix Social Media has grown from its start over 10 years ago to expand its work to include website development, mobile marketing, influencer partnerships, social media marketing, as well as event strategy and execution.


The A Team


Meghan McKeighen | Managing Partner + CEO

A digital marketing and social media expert with 10 years of experience in the industry, Meghan is passionate about helping companies tune into + define their social identity. After starting Fenix right out of college, she began bulking up her client list and now boasts incredible working relationships with some of them that have spanned over a decade. When working with Meghan, clients have access to her toolbox packed full of specialized skills including content development, cross-channel marketing, account management, copywriting, audience development, and strategic planning. A lover of leather jackets, tacos, and karaoke, Meghan enjoys hanging out with her dog, Cash, and curses like a sailor.


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Caitlin McKeighen | Partner + Account Manager

A gifted writer and communicator, Caitlin serves as Fenix’s copy police—investigating typos and other potentially disastrous misuses of the English language. With a background managing multiple business verticals, she handles the day-to-day management of a number of our local business clients like a pro and make’s sure that the gears of Fenix never stop. When she isn’t making sure that “the strippers, Stalin, and JFK” are attending the party instead of “the strippers, Stalin and JFK,” Caitlin is an avid home cook who can usually be found at one of the music venues in Nashville at least once a week.


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Carter Jane Pond | Project Manager

A confident, high-energy digital marketer and strategist fluent in Spanish and social media platforms, Carter Jane is experienced in designing and carrying out digital programs to provide value and drive client’s growth. As the oldest of three children, she has the ability to take any situation and apply her extensive knowledge of systems and processes to organize and lend scalability. Carter Jane helps to raise and train service dogs and also enjoys volunteering with the Nashville Sexual Assault Center when she isn’t baking delicious goodies to bring to work!


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Emily Thompson | Live On The Green Intern

A Nashville-born stunner who's always down for a hangout, Emily’s an artist, a baker, and an award-winning mom friend. Going into her third year at MTSU studying Media and Entertainment, she is always ready for an adventure in the industry. With a passion for live music and photography, she happily took on the title of “Live on the Green Intern.” If you see her, say hi!



Work At Fenix

No, we don’t only hire blondes—we promise. If you dig our clients, content or both, we bet you’ll enjoy working here. Fenix is a unique company with a close-knit team that encourages creativity, a strong bias towards action and living your best life.